50 Shades of BK!

50 Shades of BK!

50 Shades of BK!

It may seem unconventional to take your special someone to a fast food joint for Valentine’s Day but I bet you’ll get a bigger bang out of Burger King’s happy meal than anything else you’ll eat this holiday but be warned this isn’t your kid’s funmeal.
This year Burger King Israel is experimenting with an adults only happy meal complete with:
2 Whoppers
2 packs of french fries
2 beers
And an Adult Toy!

Kinda makes me want to skip the dinner and head straight to desert. Let’s hope people are ordering this to go or you may be in for quite a scene in the booth beside you.


Just remember not to overdo it. Too many of those whoppers and the next encounter may be titled 50 Shades of Fat. Eat Healthy and enjoy my friends! Happy Valentine’s Day
(photo courtesy Burger King Israel)


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