1. Do you know that you can actually listen to songs even while showering? This ‘Waterproof Speaker’ is the living proof of that.

Waterproof Speaker

2. There’s this unique wine bottle holder which no doubt will help to achieve grape-ness at its peak.

Unicorn Wine

3. Ever wondered how you can prop your phone without having to hold your phone every now and then? Then this Pop Socket is for you.

Pop Socket

4. You like experimenting with new stuff? Why not try this one too? This Facial Cleansing Brush (Letigo Sonic) will be perfect for you.

Facial Cleansing Brush

5. Tired of buying new phones because you keep dropping them accidently? Why not try this iRing? It will help you to keep a strong grip on your phone.


6. Have a cat? Then, it’s a fact that she will like to lie down on any available clean surfaces. Why not gift her this shark bed? It will be like having her own space to relax and sleep.

Shark Cat Bed

7. How many times have you groaned in frustration at your phone? You want to make a call or maybe, upload a photo on FaceBook, and at that moment, you see your phone and realize that your phone’s battery is at the receiving end. This portable USB charger from Anker is the one that will get you through 24 hours so you never have to worry about your phone’s battery deserting you at your time in need.

Phone Battery

8. Ever gritted your teeth when you struggle against a stubborn stain on your kitchen pan or tools that simple refuse to go? This Hyde cleaning glove is best for that stubborn stain.

Cleaning Gloves

9. Ever ran out of something when you need it most? Plugs maybe? This swiveling (three-outlet) plug is the best contender.

Power Plug

10. Ever wanted to feel like you are vacation while at work without leaving your desk? Then you HAVE to get a foot hammock.

Foot Hammock


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