Annoying moments you’ve encountered if your child is a picky eater

Annoying moments you’ve encountered if your child is a picky eater

Annoying moments you’ve encountered if your child is a picky eater

Kids often find healthy food gross. Picky Eaters. No one knows why. But at least we can laugh about it. Check out what parents have to go through when feeding their kids!

1. When your child says no to the items in the menu of a restaurant

You take your child to a restaurant, open the menu and give your kid to select what they want to eat and find that they ignore all other items and choose simple food like ice-cream or juice. And then whenever they do order food, it seems like they never want to finish it! 

Wasting Food

2. When your kid avoids layers between sandwiches

Whenever you make sandwiches for your child, you may try to put some veggies or any other healthy and nutritious items between the slices of bread. They ALWAYS find whatever you put between the slices.  If it is healthy, it’s gone! It’s like kids have veggie radar.  Sandwich VEG-Dar. 

Veggie Radar

3. When you fail to blend vegetables in their daily food

At times, when you cook food for your child, you try to put vegetables out of your kid’s sight in their food. For instance, when you make a spring roll, you tend to put veggies inside it. But what happens is, all your efforts fail when you find your child taking out those items which you wanted them to have. On the other hand, they don’t even notice when you give their things to someone else like clothes or toys. But, they will definitely find out the food you were trying to conceal from them.

Mixed In Mixed Veggies

4. When you try to organize their food in a creative way to make them eat

Sometimes, to make your child eat food you try to decorate the items in such a way that it looks appetizing to them. But, no matter how cute you arrange the food they see right through your decorative veggie work of art.

Veggie Food Art

5. When your kid likes to eat strange combos more than the food you cook for them.

It seems the more that they deny the food that is healthy for the, the more they tend to make the WEIRDEST food concoctions. Ketchup on Pancakes? Ranch on pasta?

Gross Food Combinations


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