Is Cold Ketchup a thing?

Is Cold Ketchup a thing?

Is Cold Ketchup a thing?

Whether its Ketchup or Catsup you crave its not so much the spelling as the taste on our food. In the USA Ketchup is deemed to be the “go-to” condiment we grab when prepping a meal. Now the question we’ll have to answer is where will we be grabbing it at. Recently a grocery chain in the UK sparked a heated debate when it posed the question as to whether or not Ketchup should be stored on the shelf or in the refrigerator isle.


The store received over 2,000 responses and surprisingly 46% of those asked said they prefer the Ketchup be stored, sold and kept in the refrigerator so now the store offers its customers a choice. You can buy your Ketchup in the condiment isle or already chilled in the fridge near the milk. Other grocery stores have been watching the poll and are expected to follow suit. My question is where did this 46% come from? Ever taken a bite of cold fries and just wanted to spit them out? I’d have to think chilled ketchup will just ruin the experience. Guess I am glad to be in the moral majority on this. They’re supposed to be Chili Cheese Fries not Chilly Cheese Fries (yuck) Who’se with me. Just say NO to cold ketchup and keep the fries and our tummies happier. Steve #Heinz #ketchup #catsup #justsayno #food #condiment #yuck



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