Kids make lousy roommates!

Kids make lousy roommates!

Kids make lousy roommates!

Kids always love to create chaos. They try to throw things, make loud noise, and become troublesome for you. Sometimes you can’t even control them. Check out a few things which make your kids a worst roommate to live with.

1.       They eat all your food!

Often you will find your kids eating up your food. You enter your kitchen to get your snacks container and find that it’s completely empty. The next moment you will see that your child has already consumed your food. You then have to decide to separate your food from theirs and keep it at a safe place so that it is not within their reach.

2.       Kids forget to flush after pooping

Kids often forget to flush after they use the toilet. Next time, when you enter the washroom, you find the mess created by them. You then have to start cleaning which takes up a lot your time. It’s becomes quite embarrassing when your guest enters the toilet before your enter and finds it dirty.

Not Flushing after Pooping

3.       Rental or bills are not been paid by them

Your kids use some of the things, like electricity, in whatever way they like. They don’t learn to switch off the lights or fans whenever they leave the room. This way, you see a high $$$ on your bill. They even use your cell phone, download whatever games they like without notice, and use up all your data on your plan.  They don’t even pay rent!

4.       They don’t even think before farting in front of public

You often find your kids farting in front of your guests. Kids don’t even think anything before they do it. They just freely fart and also laugh afterwards. They even pretend that they didn’t do it.


5.       They don’t wash their dishes

You will rarely find kids washing their dishes after having their food. They will hardly put their dishes in the sink. At times, they even throw away their food and you have to do all the cleaning.

6.       They will secretly listen to your talk

Often kids try to listen to what you are talking with someone else. They will even question you if they find you are taking their name or even their friend’s name. You then have to keep answering all of their questions.


7.       They love to wear your garments

Kids enjoy wearing your clothes. Mostly you will find them posing with your clothes in front of the mirror. They look very funny and most importantly they have fun wearing it.  Sometimes you even find that your clothes are being torn by them.

Wearing Parents Garments

8.       They love to run around naked in home

Kids love running around the house without wearing clothes. They play around and have fun.  You have to keep running behind them taking their clothes in your hand.

9.       They are good in creating mess

Kids never wash their dishes nor do they keep their things in an organized way. They will always leave the room messed up and you have to then clean it up. Your half of the time will go wasted for cleaning up their things.

Creating Mess

10.       Roll of toilet paper are never changed by them

Kids make use of toilet paper but you will never see them changing it. You will always have to change the roll.

Empty Toilet Paper Roll


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