Its a real-life Footloose town!

Its a real-life Footloose town!

Its a real-life Footloose town!

They say that art imitates life but sometimes it is the other way around. Remember the movie Footloose? Well say hello to the Oklahoma Town that’s pretty much exactly the same place.


Recently the residents of Henryetta Oklahoma learned they’d have to cancel this year’s Valentine’s Day Dance thanks to an old rule on the books banning dancing within 500 feet of a place of worship. It seems the organizer wasn’t familiar with the rule when they booked the dance at a venue that would have been within 300 feet of a church. The church spoke out and asked for the ban to be enforced so the dance had to be cancelled. The local government said they’ll review the need for the law at their next meeting on February 22nd which means no dance in the meantime. Funny we can protest in the streets for just about everything else. This makes me wonder where are the protesters now? I’m holding out for a Hero…or for Kevin Bacon…or maybe both! #SaveTheDance



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