Smart Ways To Get Your Children On Time

Smart Ways To Get Your Children On Time

Smart Ways To Get Your Children On Time

Every morning you try to get your kids out the door on time. But every day, your kids find a way to run late! They miss the bus, they don’t have breakfast, or they forget something at home. Time to change!!!

Below we list a few options to keep your sanity and stay on time. 

1. Make sure your clocks run a few minutes early

To get ahead of time, make sure you set your clock few minutes early. To make this method work, you don’t have to tell anyone that your clocks are running few minutes ahead.

2. Organize your kid’s items in such a way that it is within their reach  

We often observe the kids creating a mess out of their belongings. You need to keep searching for their things and this wastes a lot of your time. It becomes more difficult when your kids are getting ready for their school and not finding their objects on place. A best way to avoid this problem is to organize their things properly. For example, use a toothbrush stand to keep your child’s washroom needs. Also, let your kid know where their belongings are kept so that they can find it by themselves. This smart tip will save time and your children will arrive at the school on time.

3. Create a checklist to keep track of your kid’s activities before they go to school

At times, kids forget to take some of their items to school. Therefore, it becomes very important to keep a track of their actions which they need to follow before leaving for school. To follow this technique, create a chart and write down what actions need to be performed before leaving home. Go on putting a check mark against the action which has been completed. To make your kid follow this system, let them know that they will be rewarded if they perform their actions properly and on time. Follow this technique and realize how easily time will be managed.

4. Kids can learn to stuff their lunch box a day before

Create a chart by making a list of the healthy items. Let your child select their own food from the list. They will love to eat from their own selection. Also, give the responsibility of stuffing the lunch box to your kid. On the school day, they don’t have to spend time packing their lunch and as a result they will reach school on time.

5. Let your kid load their own bag for school

Initially, you take the responsibility of packing the books for your child. Get rid of this habit and let your kid take the authority of stuffing their own bags for school. Make them adapt this habit an evening before, to avoid rush on the school day.

6. Arrange the clothes of your children in a chest which can be identified easily    

Cultivate a style of arranging your kid’s clothes in a weekly basis. Store the clothes in a chest and paste a sticker over it indicating which pair of dress to wear on which day. Describe them simply so your child can find items easily. By finding their clothes at the proper place they can comfortably put on suitable clothes for their school. Apply this time saving method and get relieved for a week.

7. Make a timetable of your kid’s activities

Building a timetable of your kid’s daily work, sessions, target date of assignments, help you a lot in keeping track of their activities. For applying this method, you can either make use of a chart paper or a chalkboard. Try to write down every plan in one place so that your child won’t miss any of them and be prepared well in advance. This is a great method to enhance your kid’s time organization skill.

8. Keep your children on track by using a timer game

Some kids, especially the younger ones, perform their tasks slowly.  Let the child enjoy while carrying out their task by setting a timer in your watch. For example, set a timer, and if you want your child to complete the homework on time, ask them to complete it within a specific period of time. At first they may not be able to finish it on time, but gradually they will learn to make proper utilization of time.

9. Make your kid sleep regularly at the same time

Getting adequate sleep is very important for a child, especially during school days. When a child doesn’t get sufficient sleep, the next morning they tend to wake up late which becomes very difficult to manage as everything goes behind schedule. They even tend to feel drowsy for the whole day. Hence, make sure that your kid sleeps well and wakes up early to get ready for school.

10. Your phone’s alarm clock is at great advantage in following day-to-day schedule

Follow the activities of your kid by keeping track in the alarm clock. Create an alarm for every work or plan that needs to be executed. For instance, generate an alarm for the kids to get up, another one for the kids to get ready for school, again another one to catch the bus, and so on. This way, your kids will be on time and you too can go out for work when expected.


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